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Looplyst is a free online tool to make and loop your YouTube playlist with multiple sections of more than one videos. You can also share your playlist!

How to make your YouTube playlist

  1. Paste a YouTube video url or id and click the add button ()
  2. Play the added YouTube video, set a section, and click the add the current range button ()
  3. To make your YouTube playlist, repeat the above process as many as you want

How to loop YouTube videos

Click the play button () after making your YouTube playlist (loop the playlist) or adding a YouTube video (loop the added video only)

How to share your playlist

Click the share button () after making your YouTube playlist and then share the generated url (example: IU Celebrity Covers)


  • : add a YouTube video
  • Video number: the current video number
  • : remove the current YouTube video
  • : add a selected video section to the playlist
  • : loop the playlist (if there is no item in the playlist, loop the current YouTube video)
  • : pause
  • : play the next item in the playlist
  • : loop the playlist
  • : loop the current item in the playlist
  • : no loop
  • : sequential play
  • : random play
  • : toggle the playlist
  • : unlock the playlist (editing mode)
  • : lock the playlist
  • : share the playlist